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Team info

We are a group of anime fans, fanatics, casual observers or "people just looking" that also have the desire to contribute to the pursuit of knowledge by contributing computer space and time.
{If you just wanna be part of a group, we'd still be happy to have you.}

If you like to watch, collect, enjoy or are just kind of interested in anime, this might be the group for you.

If you are old-school, new-school or just think anime girls &/or guys are hot, this could be the team that you need to be in.

Do people look at you funny when they ask, "What is yuri or yaoi?" and you tell them?
You probably should be computing under this banner.(If I don't have to change it right away.)

Are people surprised when they find out;
that you know what a "tsundere" character is and you have a favorite?
or "Lucky Star" is not just the name of a song sung by Madonna?
or "Clannad" is not just an Irish musical group?
You may just be the core computer resorce sharing person THIS TEAM IS LOOKING FOR!

All you need to do is volunteer some computing time and a bit of Hard-drive space and you'll fit in nicely. As little or as much as you like or can afford.

If you aren't crunching data for Seti@home, World Comunity Grid, or any other BOINC projects yet, just click on this link that takes you to the BOINC homepage and "Volunteer".
Download and install the BOINC client then follow the instructions to join projects.
(You don't have to join only one project or just Seti@home).
After that BOINC will download work-units/tasks and your computer will be crunching for science.

Who knows, that kawaii alien you think so much of could be found BY YOU!

If you crunch numbers for another BOINC project there's a good chance that there is an instance of
Anime@home for that project too. be sure to sign up!

Just make sure you keep you computer on & running long enough to finish your tasks on time,
(yes there is a time limit),
so you can get some credit!!


You can try it but most people with laptop computers usually end up turning them off . . .
If the computer isn't on it can't run the tasks,
you end up not being able to finish the tasks on time
AND you end up not getting any credit even if you do finish the tasks.


If you want to have some interaction between team members there is only one message board,
go to the Seti@home; Team Anime@home page.
If you join the team there, (Seti@home), you'll be able to get into the team message board.
It's usually pretty slow though.

There is also a Facebook page
Facebook page